Starlit Suites, Kolkata: 6 Reasons It’s a Stable & Secure Source of Income

Income is one of the most powerful things in the world. It sustains us. Fulfills our needs and desires. And comes to the rescue when it’s time to dish out the bills – the regular ones or the ones that arise out of the blue. Hence, keeping that income stable and secure is of utmost importance.

Now there are two effective ways to do that – saving and investing. While you can be sure that your money is safe when you put it in a bank; investment, on the other hand, might feel like risky business. After all, your investment is supposed to add to your earnings. Almost serves as a secondary source of income. So it wouldn’t do to put your money in a risky asset.

In that case, what do you do?

Invest in an asset that is both stable and secure.

But which one is that?

Enter Starlit Suites, Kolkata – a great way to invest in hotel rooms in India and earn handsomely.

What is Starlit Suites, Kolkata all about?

To keep it short and sweet, Starlit Suites, Kolkata is a new category of real estate investment that can help you earn extra income with minimal effort and without any hassle. A three-star hotel serviced apartment chain; it works on a simple three-step model –

  • You buy a unit
  • The operator rents it out (and maintains it for you)
  • You earn monthly rental income to the tune of 7% to 10% in the initial year

And this percentage only keeps on increasing year-on-year! You don’t have to worry about collecting your rental income either. It’s transferred straight to your account via ECS. So that’s another hassle out of the way!

It’s backed in the city by us, Isha Group, one of the most well-known real estate developers in Kolkata and presents a viable investment in the hotel industry in India, which you can earn handsomely from.

What makes Starlit Suites, Kolkata a stable & secure source of income

Since it’s a relatively new asset class, you might have some qualms about investing in Starlit Suites, Kolkata. Questions like “what’s the guarantee of it?” or “what can go wrong?” are bound to arise. However, allow us to put all your doubts to rest and show you why Starlit Suites is actually a very dependable source of income –

  1. Predictable demand

Being a tried and tested formula in over 7 cities including Pune, Kochi, Bengaluru, Neemrana and more, Starlit Suites has tie-ups with over 200 leading MNCs, many of which are Fortune 500. This gives Starlit Suites the edge in terms of occupancy rate, which comes at a 60% on average at all times. Not something you get with hotels or other residential investments.

What’s more, the ability to safely predict regular demand ensures the property will consistently generate high monthly rental incomes, which can benefit you both in the long and short run of things.

  1. Minimum 6% ROI guarantee in Year 1

Volatility of the market can affect most investments you make, but not Starlit Suites Kolkata. If you book early, we assure you that you will get a minimum 6% ROI on the first year of your investment. That’s an Isha Group guarantee. So if you were worried about making an investment in hotel business in India, you can now rest easy and breathe a sigh of relief.

  1. Sharing of gross income to built trust

Many times investments come with fine print that can make you stand on the losing side of the spectrum instead of the winning side, destroying trust. However, with Starlit Suites, that’s not a cause of concern. Gross income earned on Starlit Suites is divided 50:50 between the operator and you before the deduction of any other expenses. So there’s no chance of manipulation.

  1. Facility of 20-year lease

If you’re thinking of a long-term and rewarding hotel investment in India, Starlit Suites has to be it. You get the option to sign a 20-year lease, getting the advantage of recovering your capital within 9 years and then enjoy the fruits of your investment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, and due to its liquidity, even exit is easy when you need it.

  1. Assured earnings

To earn at Starlit Suites, your unit does not have to be rented out. You will earn just as much as every other investor even if your unit hasn’t enjoyed occupancy lately. The earning model of Starlit Suites is such that the entire revenue the property generates is pooled together and divided equally amongst all investors/unit owners. This assures regular income.

  1. Audited statements issued quarterly

Every quarter, you will be given an audited and certified statement of Starlit Suites’ entire earnings, so you can dive deep into the details. This ensures a greater level of transparency that most investments offer, thereby ensuring next to zero chances of account manipulation.

Convinced that there’s not an investment option more secure and stable than Starlit Suites, Kolkata? Well, the good news is if you invest now, you can start earning as early as May 2022. 

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