How can I book my apartment/office space with Isha Group?

To book a residential apartment or commercial space, please get in touch with us. Your application will be processed upon the furnishing of the following documents –

• Fully filled & signed application form
• Application fee cheque
• Coloured passport sized picture of the applicant
• Self attested copy of PAN Card or Form 60
• Self attested copy of MOA or AOA along with an attested copy by the board of resolution (applicable for companies)
• Self attested copy of a valid address proof – Voter ID/Driving License/Aadhaar Card/Passport
• For payments made in excess of INR 50 lakhs, TDS details and challans should be provided for the verification of the said payment

Please note, additional documents may be required.

What is the booking fees of an Isha Group venture?

The booking fee for each of our signature apartments is a variable. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Is GST included in the price of your projects?

GST is additionally payable at the current applicable rate on the total unit purchased. GST is applicable on the variable charges at the current rate of 5%, which is subject to change as per government directives.

What is meant by Total Consideration?

Total Consideration is inclusive of but not limited to the amount payable for the purchased unit and the properties attached to it. However, it does not include other charges, registration fees, stamp duties, security deposit, municipality tax and any other such similar charges or taxes etc. levied by any authority, which a buyer is liable to pay.

Are there any extra charges levied upon purchase?

Yes, extra charges might be levied upon your purchase. These include but are not limited to transformer & cabling charges, municipality deposit, maintenance charges, nomination and/or transfer charges etc. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Are your projects eligible for home loans? If so, for which banks?

Yes, our properties are eligible for home loan. Please check the following list of partner banks – * insert banks *

Is it necessary to register for Agreement for Sale?

An Agreement for Sale is a compilation of all the terms & conditions agreed upon the sale of a property between the seller and the buyer (and any other party concencerned). This agreement binds the parties involved and serves as a basis of the drafting of a conveyance deed. It is necessary to register for the same.

Can I cancel my purchase application?

Yes, you can cancel your application after the agreement has been made. However, you will have to incur charges for the same. In case of cancellation post-agreement, the seller will have to forfeit the Earnest Money Deposit. The seller will also be liable to refund the balance amount in accordance with the timeline mentioned in the agreement. In case there’s a delay in payment, accrued interest shall be added to the total refund amount.

What are Possession Letter & Deed of Conveyance?

Possession Letter states the date of possession for the concerned property. It is issued by the developer of the property in favour of its buyer.

A Deed of Conveyance, on the other hand, is issued by the seller of the said property to the buyer, completing the transference of ownership of the concerned property. This is only issued once the projected is completed and the T&C laid out in the Agreement of Sale have been fulfilled.

What is the process for the transfer of a purchased apartment?

An applicant/buyer/intended allottee is not permitted to transfer the application/registration/allotment to a third party during the term of the lock-in period. After the said period is over, the buyer is allowed to transfer the apartment before possession to a third party if the application of the same is approved by the Company, who may do so at their own discretion.

Are any modifications permitted to the apartment purchased?

In a large-scale project such as the ones we undertake, any type of customization can lead to significant delays, compromising the execution of the project overall as well as its timely delivery. Hence, no customizations or modifications are permitted.

What is the meaning of Carpet Area?

Carpet area can be defined as the net usable floor area in an apartment, which is contained within and consists of the internal walls of the said apartment.

What is the Super Built-up Area in an apartment?

The super built-up area of an apartment is a combination of its built-up area along with the tenant’s proportion of the common areas such as the lobby, stairs, lift area etc.

Can NRIs purchase Isha Group's residential/commercial properties?

Yes, as per the rules laid down by the Reserve Bank of India, NRIs are eligible to purchase properties in India. Obtaining of permission for the purchase of residential property by RBI for the same is not necessary unless specified otherwise.

What are the documents that need to be furnished for purchase by an NRI?

The following documents must be furnished by all NRIs willing to purchase any one of our residential/commercial properties –

• PAN card (Permanent account number)
• Address proof
• OCI / PIO card (In case of OCI / PIO)
• Passport size photographs
• Passport (In case of NRI)

Please bear in mind the above list is not all inclusive.

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