Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For us, your privacy is paramount. Isha Group, along with all of its subsidiaries (hereby referred to as “we”, “us” and/or “our/s”) have laid below a privacy policy that upholds your right to privacy while entailing how and if we may use data collected from you while you browse through our website. You will find all of the practices we use for collecting and storing your data listed below, so you can know for certain that your data is safe with us. Though we cannot guarantee the full security of all the information you share with us due to the vulnerabilities of the internet, we have implemented strict security measures to protect your data from our end. 

That said, by accessing and using our website via any device, search engine, or any other medium, you give your full consent to the terms and conditions mentioned within our privacy policy. If you do not agree, please stop using our website immediately. 

Note: Our privacy policy is subject to change at any given time without any prior notice. We recommend reading our privacy policy from time to time so you can update yourself and know the revised rules. 

The type of information collected 
Given below are the kinds of information we collect from you for a seamless user experience:
1.Your name 
2.Your email ID 
4.Any other personal, identifiable information
5.Technical information such as IP address, login credentials, time zone, operating system and version, browser time and version, browser plug-ins and versions, etc. 
6.Page response time, URL clickstream, download errors, page interaction stats, pages you’ve viewed or searched for, how you moved from the page you’re on to the next, etc. 
7.Data collected from other sources 
8.Information received from external or other sources such as data collected via payment gateways etc. 

The purpose of information collection
We collect your information to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless experience on our website. Apart from ensuring an easy user experience when navigating our website, we also collect your information to offer you all our services in a hassle-free manner. Our services include the purchase of real estate (either through us or any of our affiliate partners), effective communication and resolution of all your queries, and non-essential communication such as delivering our newsletters, etc. 

That said, we only collect, store, and use your data as long as you permit us to. Once you opt out, we will not collect, store or use any of your data. 

The methods of information collection 
Your information might be collected in one of the three ways given below:
Information is collected directly from you via forms on our website, sign-up, etc. 
Information about you collected by our services such as technical data
Information is collected from third-party sources such as business partners, contractors, payment gateways, search information providers, etc. 

The usage of information collected 
Though the data we collect from you is used in various ways by us, you can be sure that it is used in a way that is both legal and safe. 

That said, your data is used by us to offer you any information or services that you may require from us about real estate, including our ventures, projects, and more. You will be contacted regarding the same on the contact information you share with us (email, phone number, etc.). How we notify you is dependent on the mode of communication you prefer and specify when communicating with us. 

Your personal data may also be used by us to settle any disputes that arise or to send you promotional offers and messages. Other ways in which we may use your personal data include sending you the latest updates regarding our projects (both offline and online), researching consumer behaviour including browsing patterns, improving websites, analysing the results of our ad campaigns, optimising user interest in the products and services that we offer, troubleshooting any problems, personalising your experience, enforcing our terms and conditions and to detect and protect against any sort of fraudulent or criminal activities.

The storage of information collected 
Data or information we collect from you may be stored, processed, or transferred either by us by our employees our group companies, or by our suppliers. Please note that you comply with the storage, processing, and transfer of your data by providing us with your personally identifiable information during your use of our website. 

We assure you that we keep your data safe and secure on our servers. We also take strict measures, both in the technological and organisational aspects of things to prevent the illegal use of your data, accidental loss of it, or any damage to your data. 

That said, please bear in mind that information transmission on the internet is not an entirely secure process and that we cannot guarantee the complete safety of your data for the same reason, nor should we be held responsible for the misappropriation of your data due to the liabilities of the internet. The transmission of your data in such cases is at your own risk. 

Disclosure of user information 
We do not disclose any of your personally identifiable data voluntarily under any circumstances barring the exceptions mentioned in the terms and conditions of our website. However, in certain circumstances, we may be bound by law to share your information with the concerned party so as not to break any legal boundaries. We might also disclose your information if requested through a court order, legal notice, any legal authorities, or by the government in order to protect our rights with regard to our properties and/or Isha Group at large. 

Cookie policy 
Cookies can be defined as small text files generated by our servers that your browser stores on your hard drive in order to identify whether the computer used to access our website belongs to a new user or an existing one. Cookies only identify your IP address and are not used to gain personally identifiable information of our users. 

You need to accept cookies in order to access or navigate through our website. The choice to accept or reject cookies present on our website is entirely yours. That said, declining our cookies may prevent you from getting complete access to our website, barring you from using certain features and services hosted within. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please write to us at

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