Building A Wonderful Life In The Heart Of North Kolkata

Meandering bylanes. Colourful bazaars. And old world charm galore.

North Kolkata certainly has a spirit of its own. One that’s bustling with a strong sense of community and a way of living that nothing short of exemplifies a wonderful life.

Walk through its busy streets at any time of the day and you are bound to be overwhelmed by the myriad colours and moods this part of the City of Joy reflects. A vibe that can scarcely be matched by any other. Let’s explore, shall we?

North Kolkata is an emotion

Alive with a fresh aroma of vegetable vendors in the morning, it’s at this time when you see men and women catching up on the news while sipping on bhaader cha, forging even deeper bonds with each other.

Go through the same lanes in the afternoon and you’ll find the city catching its fair share of forty winks, indulging in the post-lunch guilty pleasure of a siesta.

Fast forward to the evening, and you can’t help but be enamoured by the crowds of people thronging the local bazaars, looking for the best bargain as they make their way back home with a kathi roll in hand.

Always feasting, always celebrating and always moving at a pace that makes you just stop and soak in the warm side of life. That’s what North Kolkata is all about. And truly, there’s no place like it to call home.

Source: Flickr/Bivahasutra Wedding Photography

Once a North Kolkatan, Always a North Kolkatan

 When you live in a community so strong, and an area so culturally rich, beautiful and connected, you would never want to move out. And we don’t blame you.
However, wouldn’t you like to live in a state-of-the-art home that’s filled with modern amenities in sync with the times?

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the best of both worlds without sacrificing any one of them?

Wouldn’t you want to be connected to your roots yet elevate your lifestyle?

Even if you answer ‘yes’ to just one of them, we have the perfect home for you. And don’t worry, you don’t have to leave anyone behind to start anew this time. Because we believe once a North Kolkatan, always a North Kolkatan.

We’re bringing upscale living the Isha Group way to North Kolkata

 We know how much it means to you to live in the northern part of the city. Your life and heart belong there and we would never want to uproot you. That’s why, we are coming to North Kolkata so you can enjoy fine living without having to give up on your childhood neighbourhood.

We’re kicking off our foray into North Kolkata with three new projects in popular and well-connected localities. All of our new residential spaces present the best of modern-day amenities, making your life more comfortable, more fulfilling, and more wholesome. Because as real estate developers in Kolkata, we know that’s what you really want – a good home in a locality you’re familiar with and attached to.

Let’s walk you through our latest luxury flats in North Kolkata.


A 2-tower, G+7 boutique residential development off EM Bypass, this premium residential property has a lot to offer. Created in collaboration with Eden Group, well-known real estate builders in Kolkata, with this project we want to bring wholesome yet luxury living to your neighbourhood.

Featuring 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in North Kolkata, this property has every possible amenity under the sun that you could want –

  • Ground Floor: Fitness zone for fun activities; open parking area; jogging track for your morning runs and more
  • Second Floor Podium: A sophisticated community hall with garden and kitchen; an amphitheatre, rock climbing zone, open cabanas and more
  • Terrace: Barbeque pits and yoga deck; kids’ play area (open and covered); indoor games room; multipurpose play court, open lounge and more

Secluded yet connected, when you live at Pagladanga you truly get to live life king size.


 Located in an area that needs no introduction, our Bagmari project (in collaboration with Eden Group) is the perfect fusion of modern day living and interconnectivity while retaining the community you love. This residential space has everything you need for a wonderful life –

  • 2-tower, G+18 residential property that opens to the south and offers an uninterrupted view of the city skyline
  • Ground Floor: Jogging track, waterbody and a seating zone among others for your evening strolls
  • Second Floor Podium: Badminton court, swimming pool, shaded pergolas, leisure decks and more
  • Terrace: From barbeque pits to yoga decks and reading nooks among others

Living at Bagmari would be no less than a happy adventure in an area you love.


Off BT Main Road, this single tower residential building features 30 well-spaced out units so you get your privacy and your community connections just how you like them. As one of the top builders in Kolkata, we realize you want a home that gives you reason to proudly call it yours. This house many –

  • Closely connected to key landmarks, including schools, hospitals and more
  • Equipped with a co-working space so you can work distraction-free without the extensive travel
  • Tastefully done community hall for all your special occasions
  • A host of other amenities such as gym, rooftop garden and more

We know you’d rather not move to a different area when you could have it all right here in North Kolkata. If you’re interested in knowing more about our projects, please get in touch with

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