How Isha Group is Making the Right Buzz in Kolkata

When your dream home is being built, everyone around stands up and listens.

You can’t escape the noise.

That beautiful noise that’s no less than music to your ears.

A pleasing melodious humdrum of dreams coming true, of memories to be made, and of the comforts to be had in your own safe little haven.

Indeed, no symphony at that point can sound just as good as it does.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, that’s the kind of noise we at Isha Group strive to make every day. The good kind. The right kind.

We’re constantly in the process of orchestrating synchronous homes for you that choreograph within their structure all the amenities of the world. Everything you could possibly need to call your home a “home sweet home.”

‘Compromise’ is a word that simply doesn’t exist in our dictionary. We want you to have the best, and we stop at nothing less. We take it as our duty as residential property developers. 

Our current line-up of premium projects sings the tune of perfection in every way possible. Check out some of our highlights –


Do you know what happens when a keen sense of planning meets years of trust and innovation? Perfection is born. And Samskara is that perfection for you.

Qualifying exemplary planning, with Samskara we wanted to create a sustainable home for you – an eco-friendly building that withstands the elements of time, providing you with a forever mindful shelter you can take respite in at the end of each day.

Samskara powers through the valuables of nature – providing you with an array of amenities such as well-ventilated sunlit rooms, energy-efficient common areas with solar power, intelligent water management system with rainwater harvesting, and much more.


Craving your great escape from the buzz of the city? Narayani is your everyday getaway from the hustle-bustle of the daily grind.

We designed Narayani in a way that it never takes you too far from the buzzing world you feel connected to around you, yet manages to envelope you in a state of complete tranquility as soon as you step within its boundaries.

Besides, the neighbourhood is so culturally rich and wholesome that you’ll truly feel like you belong here – that this is your spot under the sun.

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The Parkview

Imagine an incomparable view of sheer luxury. Now double it up and that’s The Parkview for you. Uncompromising in its opulence, the Parkview is the epitome of fine living.

Boasting of a beautiful view of the Horticultural Gardens and a breathtaking rooftop infinity pool, at this premium residential property every single day is an experience steeped in grandeur.

You also get 11-feet high window walls and Vaastu-centric orientation so you can re-view your life in a new light.

Crafted carefully for the select few, The Parkview is our way of showing you just how large life can be in the City of Joy. 

Our commercial projects echo a beautiful harmony too

It’s not just our homes that are abuzz with the music of impeccable architecture and design. Our commercial spaces have their own sound that’ll draw you in and show you just how good your work life can be.


Our most avant-garde structure yet, 23 is a technologically advanced glass marvel that impresses with its bold stature and intelligent management systems from the get-go. Its Circus Avenue location makes it the perfect spot for all things business.

Connected to every single convenience you can imagine, this commercial complex is nothing short of the perfect business hub. You’re surrounded by eateries, hospitals and some of the best schools of the city, so you can drop your kids on your way to work without losing any of that precious morning time. 

Besides, did you know that 23 is already popular some of the big names of the corporate world Renowned ed-tech company, Akash Institute occupies a sizeable office space in 23!

Starlit Suites

An investor’s paradise and a corporate jet-setter’s personal den, Starlit Suites is the smartest way to earn without any hassles. This 3-star hotel serviced apartment is not just a great getaway for work trips, but is also a high-rental income earning asset. That’s two benefits in one!

Starlit Suites is one of our most innovative projects so far – allowing us to chart a new territory of presenting real estate as a solid, stable investment. An investment you’d love to make and earn from.  

We take our job as one of the best real estate companies in Kolkata very seriously – putting all our undivided attention into bringing you residential and commercial spaces you’d love calling your own. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect space for you, you know where to look, you know who to call.  We promise to deliver everything you’ve ever dreamt of in the sphere of real estate. 

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