The Parkview: an Isha Group Success Story Steeped in Luxury

Once in a blue moon, the stars align and lead to the creation of something beautiful. Something that everybody loves. Something that serves as the ultimate symbol of luxury – coveted by all, enjoyed by few.

That’s what The Parkview has been for us.

A manifestation of our love, labor, and time, we’re overjoyed to announce that The Parkview is now nearly sold out – adding another chapter to our stories of success.

This luxury complex situated at Hastings Park Road is a review of grandeur and opulence, carving its own unparalleled niche so you get the best of high life and living within the four walls of your home sweet home.

What made The Parkview a roaring success amongst our patrons?

There are many factors that led to the outstanding success of The Parkview. Let’s take a look at them below –

  • Uncompromising Luxury

We set out to create The Parkview with a very singular vision – to offer our patrons an incomparable experience of luxury. Everything about The Parkview – from the double-height lobby on the ground floor to the infinity pool on the rooftop – presents a different kind of indulgence.

  • Unparalleled Privacy

The one thing that’s synonymous with luxury is exclusivity and privacy. With one flat on each floor, families that move into The Parkview’s luxury flats in Kolkata get to experience complete privacy just as they want to.

  • Spacious, three-side open apartments

Eleven-feet high window walls merge with a three-sides open façade to create the most abundant space for you and your family to thrive in. The sense of openness mingled with the square footage of a larger apartment ensures that you live luxuriously every day.

  • Spectacular views

How many 4 BHK apartments in Kolkata come with three-side open views of the lush green Horticultural Gardens? If you can count that on a single finger, you know not many. The Parkview enjoys spectacular views from all floors, which become even more breathtaking when you’re at the rooftop infinity pool.

  • Catered to the demand

Being one of the most well-known real estate developers in Kolkata, we know exactly what you want out of your luxury apartment. When conceptualizing, we took your demands into account to give you a home that fulfills all of your expectations, down to the smallest of details.

  • More amenities per person

premium residential property in every sense of the term, at The Parkview, you get to enjoy more of the amenities per person as compared to most of the complexes in the area. The fact that only 11 families reside in the whole building ensures you can really lap in luxury here.

What’s more, The Parkview is also a green building, contributing towards a more mindful and environment-friendly lifestyle for you and your family. It’s everything we envisioned a wonderful life could be for you. Thank you for loving The Parkview as much as we do. We hope to create many more such success stories for you.

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