Isha Group: Fusing Heritage With A Futuristic Vision To Bring You Timeless Homes

A man’s home is his castle.

It’s a feeling you don’t often get in a crowded, ever-busy, and noisy city like Kolkata.

Forever teeming with crowds and a colourful vibrancy seldom found elsewhere, in this city quietness (and spaciousness) is a luxury. It’s always alive. Always pulsating with an energy so characteristically its own.

But what the past year has taught us is that home is more than a sanctum sanctorum. It’s a workspace. It’s an entertainment house. A community zone. Basically a do-all, be-all space that’s ready to cater to your changing lifestyle and moods at the drop of hat.

The question though is – where do you find a home like that?

More importantly, who’s going to build a home like that for you?

Enter Isha Group.

A legacy in trust

Since its inception 4 decades ago, one of the top builders in Kolkata, Isha Group has upheld the values of the heritage it inherits today. We’ve carved a niche for ourselves by establishing a sense of loyalty and trust amongst our patrons, offering them homes that redefine impeccable architecture and bring to the forefront every essential amenity.

Way back in the 1940s, the Karnani family began its unflinching bond with the city of Kolkata. Our visionary founder, Rai Bahadur Sukh Lal Karnani, had a dream of painting the skyline of the city with notable landmarks – which culminated in the iconic Karnani Mansion on AJC Bose Road in 1944 and the prestigious SSKM Hospital in 1946.

He carried his vision forward, peppering the landscape of Kolkata with more remarkable establishments – Chandan Niketan and Sukh Sadan on Shakespeare Sarani to name a few. Along with residential and commercial complexes on 4 & 5 Synagogue Street.

Over the course of the years, we’ve strived hard to cement our position as a trustworthy name in the realm of real estate by being committed to delivering superior homes that are more than just spaces to rest and repose in.

They are a revelation in modernism.

A vision of innovation

Few real estate developers in Kolkata are bestowed with the rich legacy we have inherited. Counting ourselves fortunate, we’ve made it a point to infuse all of our modern, visionary projects with our heritage.

The result?

Future-proof homes for you.

Our homes are not mere residential complexes you move into when you need a new home. They are an ecosystem that presents a fine balance of modern living while offering spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology.

They provide you with a space to work, live and play while tying with a like-minded community of people so you can grow, thrive and experience the pleasures of a wholesome way of life at Isha Group.

We never stop innovating. We make it a point to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and architecture into all our projects, standing firm on our commitment to deliver homes to you that redefine the way you spend time in your nest.

Our vision is to cast light upon the city’s fine architecture by combining grand elements of it in our modern structures so every property we establish regales you with tales of unparalleled finesse.

Forever nests you can keep coming home to

Equipped with a multitude of premium amenities and set in select neighbourhoods of the city, all our projects have a common goal – to provide you with forever nests that bring you closer to everything you want and everything you need.

As one of the top property developers in Kolkata, we think it’s our duty to ensure you live the good life – a wonderful life – when you step into a ‘Designed by Isha Group’ home.

No matter which of our avante garde complexes you choose as your next home, expect to be greeted by an array of conveniences such as community hall, parking lots, 24×7 state-of-the-art security, and surveillance system for your peace of mind and more.

Our more premium properties come with added features such as swimming pools, gymnasium and kids play area.

We’ve also been working on designing a more sustainable future for you and your generations to come, spearheading several green projects that not only reduce our overall carbon footprint while being eco-friendly but also provide you with truly future-proof homes.

The lifestyle at Isha Group that we present to you is at once the ultimate combination of comfort, leisure, and productivity. What’s more, our complexes are always well connected to the surrounding areas, so you never have to feel “something’s missing.” Everything is right here – either at your fingertips or a stone’s throw away, waiting to be yours.

We feel proud to say that we’re one of the few real estate builders in Kolkata that’s synonymous with trust, heritage, innovation, and quality living. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the homes of Isha Group are a beacon of limitless imagination and a symbol of a truly wonderful life.

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