6 Reasons To Live In A Green Home In Kolkata

We’re sure you take a lot of things into account before buying a new home in Kolkata.

You’d analyze the neighbourhood. Check out the society, the complex. Survey the property – the number of rooms, the acreage, and the like. The list goes on and on.

And we think that’s wise. After all, a home is a huge investment. Not just in terms of money, but in terms of your future, your family’s future, and your collective happiness. There’s no compromising when it comes to your perfect home. Your dream home.

So how come you haven’t directed your attention to living in a green home yet?

If you want the best possible future for your family (which we’re sure you do), green homes make a lot of sense. Especially if you live in a bustling and booming city like the City of Joy.

Let us show you why your next home in Kolkata should be green – Isha Group green.

  1. Breathe easier, breathe better

One of the key advantages of choosing a green building as your next permanent address is that you get access to a purer home.

What we mean by that is, our green projects are designed using materials that are environment-friendly and low in toxicity, giving off fewer chemical emissions. This, in turn, prevents them from being hazardous to your health (toxic materials can cause allergies) or to the environment, so you can breathe freely.

What’s more, our homes are made to enhance natural ventilation, so you get access to fresh air every day.

  1. Get nature’s elements in your room

In a hot and humid city like Kolkata, summers and monsoons can get uncomfortable. Almost too hot to handle. While air conditioning can help you beat the heat, a naturally cooling option is at hand if you live in a sustainable home.

We use materials in our green homes that offer superior insulation and prevent the effect of heat, so you don’t have to face extremes of temperature. Our homes also make use of strategically placed windows, so you get access to cool summer breeze and warm winter sunlight, depending on the season.

With our green homes, you can be sure that no matter the weather outside or the season of the year, it’s always nice and comfortable inside.

  1. Built with viability at its core 

A home is a really huge investment, and it’s natural to want it to last a lifetime. After all, we don’t just build a house for ourselves, but for all the generations to come. In that sense, eco-friendly buildings prove to be a better long-term investment.

With our sustainable homes, not only will you be spending less in maintaining your house (trust us, AC, electricity, and water bills go way down), but the durable and environment-friendly built will also ensure it lasts really long.

These have been designed to withstand whatever comes their way, so they will not need multiple renovations and repairs, thereby preventing wastage of resources or greenhouse gas emissions.

Besides, such houses have a better resale value in the market. So even if you don’t intend to stay here for a lifetime, you can sell your house at a good price whenever you want to. It’s a real win-win.

  1. Intelligent water management 

Isn’t it annoying when the water runs out and there’s no backup supply? It’s not a very uncommon thing in Kolkata. But you can save yourself from it by opting for an environment-friendly house.

Our green building projects make use of intelligent water management systems so that water wastage is reduced to a minimum. The installations and plumbing fixtures we use reduce the strain on shared water and allow for recycling it.

Besides, we also equip our green residential complexes with rainwater harvesting, keeping a backup reservoir of water ready in case it’s needed.

  1. Feel a closer connection to nature

Kolkata’s hustle & bustle can soon get exhausting, leaving you wishing you could escape to the lap of nature for some quick healing. Well, if you’re living in a green home, your sweet escape is right under your roof!

We make it a point to ensure our green projects are calming havens of tranquility, both inside and outside. We cherry-pick lush locations and design our complex in a way that you get maximum exposure to sunlight and air. This results in an open, soothing atmosphere that keeps the claustrophobia away while making you feel closer to nature.

  1. Responsible innovation for you 

Like they say, there’s no Planet B. And we are ardent believers of that. Ergo, we’ve designed a handful of our projects using green building materials – using them responsibly and in an innovative fashion so there’s minimum harm to the environment. But it’s not just us that gets to do their bit for this planet, you do too.

By owning an eco-friendly home, you’re bound to feel a sense of fulfillment and pride, knowing that you’re doing what you can to limit your carbon footprint and contribute towards building a sustainable future for your children.

Wondering where you can find an eco-friendly home for you and your family? We’ve got options you’ll fall in love with –


Sustainable from the ground up, Samskara has been designed to save energy. Built from recycled materials, it emits a low carbon footprint, minimizing the damage to the environment. It also features draught-tolerant landscaping and organic waste management amongst a ton of other environment-friendly features.

The Parkview 

An energy-efficient of pure luxury, The Parkview fuses in a green soul with grandeur to present to you a truly good life. Rainwater harvesting, well-ventilated rooms with plenty of natural air and sunlight, solar-powered common areas and energy-saving appliances are just a few of the green highlights of this uber-luxe complex. 

Energy-efficient housing is your key to better health, a better environment, and a better future. Choosing a green home can help in cutting down on the use of non-renewable resources, thereby preventing their depletion. It can also save you money as you get to power your home with nature’s elements. It’s a smart decision that can help ensure a sustainable future for you and your generations to come. So our advice? An eco-friendly home is surely the way to go! 

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